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OpenBridge_Modeler webinar

OpenBridge Modeler helps teams better communicate and collaborate to deliver quality bridge projects on time and under budget

One of the key purposes of BrIM is closing the gap between different roles and teams during the bridge project. As more projects require 3D bridge models, the need for drafters and designers to have an intelligent 3D model is becoming increasingly pertinent. With OpenBridge Modeler you can take your project from concept to design, analysis, and detailing through construction. This integrated workflow benefits the entire project team including CAD Designers, Bridge Engineers, and Bridge Managers. 

Join this webinar to learn how Marzette Barnes of Freese and Nichols, (an expert MicroStation CAD Designer) applied BrIM methodologies using OpenBridge Modeler to overcome project challenges. You will see how generating civil and bridge information in 3D improved his workflows. OpenBridge Modeler saved him time and improved the efficiency of communication with Bridge Designers on the project.  

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Virtuosity and Practitioner License
  • Past workflow using only MicroStation vs new workflow with OpenBridge Modeler
  • What roadway and civil information is needed for input into OpenBridge Modeler
  • Key benefits for CAD Designers using OpenBridge Modeler
  • How OpenBridge Modeler can help CAD Designers to work better with Bridge Engineers

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Webinar Presenters


Jay Kwon

Product Sales Engineer
Bentley Systems

With a background in civil engineering, Jay has been involved with bridge industry software solutions for over 10 years. Originally, Jay began his career as a bridge sales engineer, dealing with everything from analytical modeling to design for conventional/complex projects.

Now with Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) being the future for the bridge industry, Jay is passionate about educating bridge engineers on collaborating not only with traditional bridge design, but also with 3D physical information modeling.

Marzette Barnes resume crop 2017

Marzette Barnes

CAD Technician
Freese and Nichols, Inc.

Marzette Barnes is an experienced Computer Aided Design Technician with 7 years of history working in the civil engineering industry. He is skilled in Land Development, Bridge Drafting, AutoCAD, MicroStation, OpenBridge Modeler,  and Civil 3D. He is a former hydrographic and land surveyor and is a strong information technology professional with an Associates in Drafting and Design seeking a Bachelor of Engineering - BE focused in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington.