4D Demo with SYNCHRO

"By implementing SYNCHRO 4D into our business, we have increased our client base by 100% in the past year” 

Conor Tansey, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Tantek 4D

"Since utilizing SYNCHRO 4D on all our 4D BIM projects, we have exceeded our clients’ expectations in terms of speed of delivery, accuracy of 4D simulations, and rendering quality of the final 4D simulation."

“SYNCHRO 4D for us is our go-to software for tenders.” 

Jim Gao, BIM Manager, Solid Support

“SYNCHRO allows for a more immersive and interactive experience, as the client is able to visualize the construction process in a way that feels more realistic and engaging.

We are mind blown at the freedom it gives you. The more information you put in, the more realistic you can make the animation.

Other software can create pretty pictures and designs, but the technology is less functional. SYNCHRO connects real-world outcomes to animations."

“Bentley’s SYNCHRO is the greatest 4D tool there is"

Mike Hinchliffe, Planning Manager, John Sisk & Son Ltd

“Bentley’s SYNCHRO is the greatest 4D tool there is. I’ve not come across another that competes anywhere near the capability it provides.

The difference between other products is that
they’re animation tools, whereas SYNCHRO is a 4D planning tool. That’s the big difference for me. You actually do things how you would create a program and do it the correct way."