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Bridge Monitoring and Inspection Solution

Augment and accelerate inspections and gain timeless digital insights 

Time to Cross the Bridge For a Digital Strategy

Bentley’s bridge monitoring and inspection solution transforms traditional bridge management by leveraging digital twin workflows. Use iTwin Capture to create a 3D digital twin using drone or handheld photography. Gather real-time data and insights with field sensors in iTwin IoT to improve decision-making. Utilize a reality mesh to augment your inspection process, and remotely review the asset condition. Artificial intelligence and machine learning defect detection enables automatic identification and classification of defects. Pass all of these operational insights into design tools and take your rehabilitation project to the next level.

Bridge the Gap Between the Physical and Digital Worlds with Digital Twins

Bentley Systems is a pioneer in offering a digital twin solution that spans the entire bridge asset lifecycle, enabling users to make more informed decisions and deliver improved outcomes. Read our eBook to discover how you can leverage digital twins to augment and accelerate inspections and gain timeless digital insights for your bridge repairs.

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Unlocking Data to Improve Bridge Safety

If the current process for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing bridges remains the same, aging bridges may have even more difficulty staying within safe operating limits. The industry must look at innovative solutions to make work more efficient, safe, and cost-effective. Read our blog to learn how technology advancements can help prevent infrastructure failure.

AssetWise Inspections Streamlines your Bridge Inspection Process

Harness the power of digital twins with AssetWise and Microsoft HoloLens 2 to perform inspections from the comfort of your home or office, transforming the process with mixed reality to increase safety and save up to 40 percent in total costs.


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