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Bridge Monitoring and Inspection

Augment and accelerate inspections and gain timeless digital insights 

Cross the Bridge with a Digital Strategy

Transform bridge management leveraging digital twin workflows. Improve collaboration between inspectors, designers, construction contractors and asset managers for quicker and less expensive bridge repairs.

  • With iTwin Capture, create a 3D digital twin using drone or handheld photography.
  • With iTwin IoT, gather real-time data and insights with field sensors.
  • With iTwin Experience, empower insights by visualizing and navigating your bridge digital twin.

Connect the Physical and Digital Worlds with Digital Twins

Bentley is a pioneer in offering a digital twin solution that spans the entire bridge asset lifecycle, enabling users to make more informed decisions and deliver improved outcomes. Discover how you can leverage digital twins to augment and accelerate inspections and gain timeless digital insights for your bridge repairs.

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Improve Bridge Safety

Aging bridges require innovative solutions to make inspecting, maintaining, and repairing more efficient, safe, and cost-effective. Learn how technology advancements can help prevent infrastructure failure.

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