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MPC Kinetic

Queensland Natural Gas Project

Curtis Island, Queensland, Australia


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Project Summary

Helping Deliver a Major Australian Natural Gas Project

A natural gas project located in Queensland, Australia covers an area of over 500 kilometers. The project involves converting coal seam gas (CSG) reserves into liquified natural gas (LNG), and is the first project of its kind in the world. It also includes exploring and developing CSG reserves in southern and central Queensland. In 2016 to 2017, MPC Kinetic was tasked with building two trunklines on this large, complex project. The organization also needed to ensure that it hit all the reporting contract requirements, including daily reports for resources, weekly schedule reports, and earned value reports. However, because the team would have to collaborate with two other organizations to deliver these trunklines, they knew that traditional software would be insufficient.

Seeking to Improve Project Management and Collaboration

MPC Kinetic wanted to develop a central project management system that the contractors and their subcontractors could use. The same system would be accessed by the client, notifying them of everything and thus improving client confidence. To meet this goal, MPC Kinetic needed software that would capture the day-to-day perspectives in one system, creating a single view of reports that all team members could access within minutes. They knew that, when compared to paper-based systems, it would improve their collaboration, speed up the reporting process, and reduce the amount of staff required at the project level. The software also needed to support both on-site training and off-site configuration so that the team could have flexibility and access to the right level of implementation experience.

Creating a Single Source of Truth for Greater Transparency

Having used SYNCHRO Perform on a previous project, MPC Kinetics chose it again for their central project management system. They were able to complete a condensed implementation, as they already knew how to best set up the application to meet the project’s specific needs. Engineers for the application were available both on- and off-site, further streamlining the integration. MPC Kinetics used the timesheet capability in SYNCHRO Perform to drive resource data capture for labor, plant, and materials. By creating a single source of truth with the project management system, all information was readily available, providing a high degree of transparency. The client could view the same data that the team saw, setting the foundation for a collaborative contracting relationship and improving the team’s relationship with the client.

Managing Thousands of Data Points for Successful Delivery

MPC Kinetic used SYNCHRO Perform to manage 1,062 photos, 1,414 user comments, 2,236 progress entries, 292,500 cost entries for labor and equipment, and 842 daily, weekly, and monthly reports. The application also saved them 1,263 hours in reporting, allowing them to successfully deliver the project. By using SYNCHRO Perform, the team improved day-to-day project execution in terms of data and records management, transforming how they internally operated. The team saw significant improvements in the quality of their payroll inputting, capture, and reporting. Also, with regular feedback and recommended functionality improvements, the team worked with software developers to improve the application for all users. Moving forward, MPC Kinetic plans to continue adopting SYNCHRO Perform on future projects.

Project Playbook



  • MPC Kinetic was tasked with building two trunklines on a large, complex liquified natural gas project in Queensland Australia.

  • They chose SYNCHRO Perform for their central project management system.

  • By using SYNCHRO Perform, the team improved day-to-day project execution in terms of data and records management, transforming how they internally operated and successfully delivering the project.


“SYNCHRO Perform opens up different communication, reporting, and decision-making avenues for people like construction managers, project managers, and engineers. It’s a lot easier for them to see how well they are performing and whether they need to up their game. That wouldn’t have been available in the past without days or weeks of analysis—and by then, the information would be outdated. With SYNCHRO Perform, as long as your data is current, you have a snapshot in seconds of where you sit as a project.”

Brendan McGuckin
Commercial Manager, MPC Kinetic

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