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Fulton Hogan Seymour Whyte Joint Venture

Bruce Highway Upgrade - Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway

Queensland, Australia


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Project Summary

Building Part of the Largest Road Infrastructure Project in Queensland

The six-lane expansion of the Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway (CR2SM) project in the state of Queensland, Australia is part of the AUD 8.5 billion, 10-year Bruce Highway Upgrade. It is the largest road infrastructure program that the state has ever seen. Among the critical safety measures that the CR2SM expansion will deliver to motorists, it will include reducing traffic congestion and increasing capacity to accommodate future growth. The AUD 932 million project includes a two-way service road for local traffic on the western side of the highway between Steve Irwin Way and Tanawha Tourist Drive, as well as major upgrade to both interchanges.

Enabling a Clear Line of Sight Across the Project's Site Information

While FHSW JV wanted to provide oversight to successfully deliver this project, they also realized that they needed software that would offer a clear line of sight across the project’s site information through digitalized and streamlined field-based construction processes. These operations included compiling comprehensive daily reports with detailed records and hours of each supervisor’s work activities—including labor, plant, materials, and subcontractors—split into the various cost codes that they worked on, as well as providing them with site weather information. The software also had to be intuitive and easy to use to facilitate electronic dockets approvals, productivity information recording, and ad hoc reporting in real time.

Massive Project Scope Required an Innovative Solution

After considering their options, FHSW JV chose SYNCHRO Perform to help them achieve their goals. Traditional project management would have used a paper-based approach to manage the daily capture of time, activities, and progress tracking. However, considering the massive scope of work and limitations in terms of access, functionality, data manipulation, and reporting, FHSW JV required an innovative approach. SYNCHRO Perform allowed them to efficiently capture data and repeatedly use it for a broad variety of purposes. Using the software’s database, they were able to gain insight into real-time transparency of their activities, while enabling them to be confident in their decision-making with accurate and up-to-date information.

Enabling Accurate Progress and Performance Measurements

Since implementing SYNCHRO Perform on CR2SM in July 2018, FHSW JV has captured and processed over 135,000 site dockets and nearly 280,000 labor hours, managed over 115 subcontractors, completed over 2,000 site activities, and also captured and processed over 6,500 site photographs. Additionally, SYNCHRO Perform enabled accurate progress and performance measurements that allowed them to track and redeploy resources to meet project needs and provide efficient, error-free time capture. They also used the software to enable universal system access for project leads and subcontractors, and reduce the administrative burden on engineers, administrative support, and project management teams. FHSW JV continued to use SYNCHRO Perform throughout the project and maintained their efficiency benefits.

Project Playbook



  • The AUD 932 million project will reduce traffic congestion and increase capacity to accommodate future growth.

  • FHSW JV sought a solution that would enable them to provide oversight and reporting to successfully deliver the project.

  • Since implementing SYNCHRO Perform, FHSW JV has captured and processed over 135,000 site dockets, and nearly 280,000 labor hours.


“SYNCHRO Perform…provides real-time information that allowed us critical insight into what’s going on in the field…and enabled us to make fast and informed decisions.”

Alastair Dalton
Commercial Manager, CR2SM

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