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Port Moresby Power Station

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


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Project Summary

Reducing Power Generation Emissions

To eliminate the use of high-pollution diesel fuel for electrical generation, NiuPower, a partnership between Oil Search Ltd. and Kumul Petroleum Holdings, sought to create Papua New Guinea’s first utility-scale natural gas power plant. The Port Moresby (POM) Power Station uses natural gas to run six high-efficiency reciprocating gas engines and generators. It has a capacity of 58 megawatts and delivers power to the Port Moresby power grid through a new, 66-kilovolt power line and substation network. Clough, in a joint venture with Wartsila, provided engineering, procurement, and construction services for the project. However, Clough soon realized that effectively planning, tracking, and executing their work in a remote location presented a significant challenge.

Better Management Through Lean Principles

To deliver this important project, Clough wanted to overcome the difficulties of the site’s remote location and the cost of hosting teams on-site. They knew that to meet these goals, they needed to improve their data management. For previous power generation development projects, they relied on labor-intensive manual processes to collect, format, and upload the data required for project reporting. They determined that instituting lean principles on the project would help them optimize their work, eliminate waste, improve their processes, and generate value. However, they needed to select an application that could help them create a more efficient workflow and meet their lean principles goals.

Accurate Progress Monitoring and Cost Tracking

After evaluating potential options, Clough discovered that SYNCHRO Perform would allow them to establish a unified, digital workflow that instituted lean principles and improved all aspects of the project. Supervisors and engineers began using the application to capture a variety of information on-site via web and mobile devices, including site conditions, health and safety compliance, delays, photos, workforce attendance and timesheets, and equipment usage. The information helped them improve progress monitoring and accurately log costs and issues as they arose. The team also relied on SYNCHRO Perform to make process adjustments when the project was accelerated.

Resolving Unplanned Events to Stay on Schedule

By using SYNCHRO Perform to establish a digital workflow and follow lean principles, Clough kept the project on schedule. Revealing and highlighting problems in advance allowed the project team to quickly resolve them, preventing them from becoming major issues that could have resulted in costly rework. They were also empowered to log and then swiftly resolve more than 200 unplanned site events, keeping the project on track even when it was accelerated. POM Power Station was completed on time and now significantly reduces the carbon footprint of Papua New Guinea’s energy generation.

Project Playbook



  • Clough wanted to establish lean principles on their development of a 58-megawatt natural gas power plant in a remote area of Papua New Guinea.

  • SYNCHRO Perform allowed them to establish a unified, digital workflow that helped them quickly detect and resolve potential issues.

  • Improved data management kept the project on schedule, even when faced with project acceleration and more than 200 unplanned events.


“The technology allows us to run with leaner project teams. We now have improved quality and frequency of communications.”

Geoff Scott
Operations Manager, Clough

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