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Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture

HS2 Main Works Lots S1 and S2

London, United Kingdom


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Project Summary


High Speed 2 (HS2), the new 350+ kilometer-per-hour, high-speed rail network that will run through London, Manchester, and Leeds, linking eight of Britain’s 10 largest cities, is one of the most complex railway projects that the United Kingdom has undertaken. Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture (SCS) was awarded the civil works contract for the 250-kilometer southern section between London and Birmingham. As part of the contract, SCS needed to formulate a conceptual design scheme for the first 26 kilometers to be delivered within 14 months. Featuring 20 kilometers of tunnels, several bridges, and five kilometers of earthworks, the estimated GBP 1.5 billion project required the international, multidiscipline design team to optimize digital efficiencies and accommodate the client’s challenging data requirements.


SCS established a connected data environment using Bentley’s OpenRail solution, which included OpenRail Designer, OpenRoads Designer, OpenBuildings Designer, ProjectWise and AssetWise for comprehensive planning, design and engineering, and information management to optimize project delivery and meet SCS timelines. Leveraging Bentley’s integrated applications streamlined digital workflows among the numerous engineering disciplines in accordance with the PAS 1192 suite of British standards. Using Bentley technology the team automated previously manual processes, optimizing detailed engineering and design of portals, tunnels, ventilation shafts, retaining structures, and earthworks. The interoperable software ensured data consistency and enhanced digital efficiencies to improve productivity and quality of deliverables.


Working in a connected data environment facilitated early contractor involvement, increased efficiencies, and enhanced design assurance, identifying and resolving potentially costly errors earlier in the process to save an estimated GBP 1 million. Leveraging Bentley’s iModel technology reduced design review time by 20 percent, saving an estimated GBP 500,000. Bentley’s integrated BIM applications enabled SCS to generate intelligent 3D models and use them to perform accurate quantity takeoffs in half the time and with 75 percent less resources compared to traditional methods, saving more than GBP 600,000 as a result.


  • SCS implemented a comprehensive 3D BIM approach to coordinate an international, multidiscipline engineering team for the delivery of Europe’s fastest high-speed rail network.
  • The team established a connected data environment to streamline digital workflows and enable early clash detection, saving GBP 1 million.
  • The use of iModel technology shortened design review time by 20 percent and facilitated accurate material estimations to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.
  • Integrating AssetWise facilitated an asset-centric delivery consistent with BIM for full lifecycle asset maintenance and management to ensure efficient operation of the railway network.


“Using Bentley solutions has allowed SCS to realize our mission statement of creating a project that will be seen as the ‘Digital Blueprint of Future Infrastructure Projects.’ They have allowed us to create, manage, and leverage intelligent BIM models and the data housed within them on a complex project, and see a significant increase in productivity, efficiencies, and collaboration between a large team and a multistage contract.”

Peter Ruff
Head of BIM
Skanska Costain STRABAG JV

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