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The Power of Automation


Less Work. More Flow.

Successful information management is not just about creating an engaging environment but ensuring language is familiar and end users are signposted to relevant information. Wherever possible BCDE aims to automate processes and guide users who aren’t necessarily familiar with the process they are being asked to follow.

Our latest release 7.5 is built on these principles, by providing an attractive and intuitive interface with a range of authentication options; by ensuring information is managed to ISO 19650 (or your own organization’s) standards; and by routing the right information to the right people faster than ever. Our new automated workflows and information transfer to improve accuracy, reduce information overload, and improve handover to your client.

Automated Workflows

Simplify the sharing of information as documents are taken through automated, multi-step workflows instead of manually sending them, and visually check its progress, helping support information management processes such as ISO 19650 and reducing the risk of errors and delays. This short video also provides an overview of BCDE7.5 as well as the automated workflows.

Automated Data Transfer

Supports the seamless transfer of information deliverables (typically for client acceptance) between supplier and client parties running BCDE, addressing the challenges relating to manual file transfer between disparate and disconnected CDE systems.

The Power of Automating Your CDE

  • Automated Workflows

    Improves Accuracy

    Predefined rules ensure you send the right information to the right people, simplifying the complications of sharing information across large projects.

  • Reduces Delays

    Improve the issuing process by visually tracking progress to identify any hold ups and also by reducing the chance of manual errors.

  • Fit for Purpose

    Ensure your project information workflows meet required information standards, whether that is ISO 19650 or your own organization’s.

  • Automated Data Transfer

    Improves Information Delivery

    Remove the need to manually handle and transform data with automated transfer.

  • Reduce Overheads

    Transfer directly from server to server, maximizing speed and reducing your reliance on and internet connections.

  • Improve Efficiencies

    Securely transfer large numbers of documents and data at any time,even overnight.


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